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How to use TCM Library

Your student ID card or library card is needed for receiving library services.

Most of the library items are in the closed stack. Search the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) system for an item, fill out the request paper and hand it in to the circulation desk.

Confirmation of status of the items you are currently borrowing and placing on hold, as well as renewal of borrowing periods can be viewed through “MyLibrary”.


Borrowing, returning, renewing, and holding

Please be sure to borrow and return items in person.

Browsing and Borrowing

Music scores, books, and back issues of periodicals can be checked out.
You should browse reference books and the latest issues of periodicals in the library.

Use the audio-visual items in the library. Current TCM members can check out CDs.

Maximum number of items and loan period


Please adhere to deadlines for returning items.

There are overdue item penalties.
Borrowing is not permitted while items are overdue.
If the due date is exceeded, borrowing is not permitted for a period equal to the number of days the overdue item was returned. All other services will be unavailable during the penalty period also.

Before returning, please make sure that all items are complete (ex.;score & parts of music) .

Return items in the book-post facility during closed hours.*
*Books and periodicals with CDs or discs must not be put in the book-post facility, they must be returned during opening hours.


Library items may be renewed online.
Please log in to "MyLibrary".
You can renew items only once on MyLibrary. Further renewals must be done via the circulation desk.
Items requested by another user cannot be renewed. Please return these items by the due date.


If the item you want to borrow is out on loan, it is possible to make a reservation for that item through the OPAC.
To hold a book from the item page on OPAC, please press "Reseravation" and log in to "MyLibrary" with your user ID and password.
To confirm or cancel a reservation, please go to "MyLibrary" on TCM OPAC as well.

As for reservation limits, please refer to Maximum number of items and loan period.

You can check whether the items you reserved are returned or not on "MyLibrary".

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The items in TCM Library can ONLY be photocopied according to copyright laws.
You can apply for photocopying service for old or fragile item. The copies will be available in a few days.

 ● ¥20/sheet for students and the members of the faculty
 ● ¥40/sheet for alumni and visitors

Self-service photocopy is available on the 1st floor. Please keep to the following guidelines.

 ● ¥10/sheet

  • Only library items can be copied. Make sure to borrow the items before copying.
  • Fill out the copy request form and show it at the circulation desk, together with your student ID card or library card and the original item before copying.


  • Music scores cannot be copied in the library.
  • Journal articles may be photocopied after a certain period of time, generally after the next issue is released, or more than three months have elapsed.
  • Audio-visual items cannot be duplicated.

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Inter-library Loan(ILL) : For TCM users only

If the items you want are not available from TCM library, requests for items and copies of journals can be made to other libraries.
As for ILL services, or a letter of introduction to other libraries, please ask at the Information & Reference Desk.


About "MyLibrary"

"MyLibrary" is a portal site that the library provides 'for you' to take advantage of online services. A password needs to be set up before use.


What You Can Do with MyLibrary
  • View your records : Confirmation of status of books you are currently borrowing and placing on hold, as well as renewal periods, can all be done online.
  • View announcements from TCM library
  • Requests for Inter-Library Loan (ILL)
  • My Bookshelf (Bibliographic information and previous search conditions can be saved to your Bookshelf)

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Other services

Information & Reference Desk (1st floor of the library)

You can inquire how to use our facilities, how to search for an item, requests for Inter-Library Loan (ILL), and consultation about your research at the Information & Reference Desk.
Opening hours: 9:00 – 17:00 from Monday to Friday

Browse of the microfilm items

You can browse part of rare items using the microfilm viewer. Prints are available with a charge.
Please request at the circulation desk on the 1st floor when using.
Your request will be accepted until 30 minutes prior to closing.

Usage of academic database

You can access to our contracted database and online journals through the Internet computers on the 3rd floor.
Prints are available with a fee.
The fee for the prints of microfilm items and the database varies between TCM members and visitors. For more details, please refer to the Prescribed fee schedule regarding the use of the library (Japanse only).

Purchase requests of item

Purchase requests for items that are not available in our Library will be accepted. Fill out the request form and hand it in to the Information & Reference Desk.
Request can be accepted from April to December.


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